Pas de Deux

- Seulement des 0 et des 1.

I have reverted to the old simple straight HTML site as the fancy Joomla site was only getting me spam. I will hopefully update this site soon.
For now there is only the RTFM files and a link to the YouTube channel.

RTFM is an FM synthesizer implemented in an FPGA.
"RTFM" the Real Time FM synthesizer

RTFM Block Diagram

The PASDE2 YouTube channel has a few videos that describe another synthesizer implemented in an FPGA, this one is based on simple subtractive synthesis.
It is also discussed in this thread on the Look Mum No Computer forum.
The images below are oscilloscope screen captures of various waveforms that it can generate.

ADSR Envelope

Random Waveform

Filtered Random

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