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Believe it or not, this project (and this web site) is still alive!

After hibernating for over a year, I recently ported the RTFM synthesizer to the DE1-SoC Cyclone V SoC dev kit, in preparation for some software and hardware upgrades.

I haven't started making use of the dual ARM core Hard Processor System (HPS) yet, so the MIDI software still just runs on the embedded Nios soft processor.

Since the DE1-SoC doesn't have an Arduino compatible connector, I had to replace the MIDI shield and breadboard built MIDI interface.

I build a slightly more permanent circuit on a Perma-Proto PCB from Adafruit with two MIDI inputs from the keyboard and the BCR2000 controller and one MIDI output for feedback to the controller.


DE1-SoC with MIDI Perma-Proto
DE1-SoC with MIDI Perma-Proto

On the short term horizon are the implementation in RTFM of two essential performance features: pitch bending and velocity sensitivity, but right now I am working on a simple MIDI sequencer to help me demo the synthesizer (there is a good chance that I'll be at the Bay Area Maker Faire again this year).